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Lady Sybil (named after Downtown Abby) is in need of a good home in Los Angeles!

It is very last minute as her foster mom can’t keep any longer. They are going to take her to a shelter this weekend. Whoever meets this lady-pup will fall immediately in love!!! She is so sweet and so lovable..She was found downtown stuck in a fence wagging her tail at people who walked by!

Here is some info on her:

Australian Shepard mix of some sort

She is between 8-9 months old. 33 pounds. She won’t get much bigger but will fill out a bit.

She has had her first round of shots and just got micro-chiped. She needs to be spayed but if someone wants to adopt her- this will be taken care of by me (Linnea).

She loves car rides, hikes, dog toys, loves other dogs.  (She has never met a stranger!)She loves the beach and water.

When on walks, she walks right beside you and sits on command.

She is simply going to be a great dog/companion.

And even if you can’t take her, spread the word! Thanks!

Best contact: Linnea at linneattoney@gmail.com or 323-695-3815

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    If I could have a dog at my place I’d take her in a heart beat. Spread the word!
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    I’ve met this dog, she’s amazing and needs a good home.
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